Galle Face Colombo

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  • Sri Lanka
  • 2018-10-18

What is this Galle Face?

The Galle Face Green is currently a 5-hectare ribbon strip of land between Galle Road and the Indian Ocean which is now the largest open space in Colombo. This is a popular place for children, teenagers, lovers, kite flyers, vendors, merrymakers and those who want to enjoy themselves next to the sea under the open sky.

Now you will see what I'm trying to say about actual Galle Face Green,

Galle Face Green Colombo

Galle Face is the best location to prepare for your journey inside the island, what things to do in Galle Face; Saturday and Sunday evening the fills with food and vendors to feed the masses of people. We can see children playing some games in the Green (cricket, football, flying kites) it's a big paradise for children, Some people are sitting down the floor and who likes running in every time they have open space in the Green. It's a free natural gym for everyone.

Walking with sundown and breathing the breeze on the Indian Ocean is the best part of the journey, to watch great and beautiful Ocean view I think it's a free meditation for your mind.

Galle Face Green Colombo

You also can have some Sri Lankan street food in Green. Issowade, pol roti and kottu many more street food you can buy in the Green. There so many large hotels near the Green but most people coming to eat street food don't need luxury foods.

Galle Face Green Colombo

Sometimes people need freedom and set their mind free, if someone needs the rest of life I think Green very helpful for that. Sitting on a table and drinking some coffee or tea sometimes we do not fit, in the Green sit down the floor looking at the sea and eating some street foods is the best experience.

Lovers come to the Green, they discussing their little secret. They know this is the best place to share their own happiness.

Galle Face Green Colombo

If you around in Colombo hotels I would like to invite all of you come and see the beautiful sunset and all amazing stuff. In the evening after 5.00pm is perfect time to see the green. Come and get what you want.


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